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I have played the harp since I was 10-years-old. I was a serious student of the instrument for many years and majored in music while in college training as a classical harpist. I spent time as a freelance harpist, mostly playing weddings and background music. Yet I walked away from it because there came a point when it no longer gave me joy.


It was then that I made the decision to change gears. I went to graduate school to study library science.  I worked as a librarian in an urban public library for nearly 30 years and recently retired from the library system. My harp fell silent during much of that time becoming an ornate piece of furniture in my living room.


Then one day several years ago, I got the urge to play the harp once again.I sat down at my long, neglected harp and started playing. I was amazed how connected I felt to the instrument. In that moment, I became hooked on the harp once again. 


I was loving the harp so much that I ended up investing in two new harps; a concert grand pedal harp and a small, electric lever harp. Since then I've embraced my classical roots but also have been exploring other genres such as Blues, Pop, Flamenco, and more.


As I get more and more into reconnecting to my harp; I have realized that art is meant to be shared. I hadn't performed in front of an audience in nearly 30 years but I decided it was time to to take my harp and my music out in the world again. I started my harp comeback by performing a solo show at the library where I’ve worked for many, many years.


Recently, I was a part of Deborah Henson-Conant's Harness Your Muse Mastermind program, which was a one-year mentorship program under her tutelage. With Deborah's guidance, I created show 2 shows; one that features my 32 string electric harp and the other that showcases both my concert harp and electric harp.


I'm thrilled to be getting out once again and connecting with an audience.  It's been a grand adventure!


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