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Harp Programs

Presented by Sally Walstrum

Pulling Strings: The Diverse Harp

     Experience the harp up close and personal. Sally Walstrum gives a solo concert that showcases her two harps: a six-foot concert grand harp and a 32 string electric, carbon fiber rocker harp. Discover the harp's diversity as Sally plays Blues, Pop, Flamenco, and Classical music. Program is appropriate adults, students, and seniors. (60 minutes)

Confessions of a Late Night Harpist

   One of the greatest stories is the story of a lost passsion that's rediscovered and finally lived to its fullest. Harpist and Librarian Sally Walstrum brings her own personal story of rekindled life passion to music with a 32 string electric harp, looper pedal...and just a smidgen of the the Dewey Decimal System. Appropriate for young adults, adults, and seniors. (60 minutes)

What's Cool About This?

  • Hear a variety of musical styles from Blues to Latin to Classical and experience the power of the harp.

  • Hear funny and exciting stories about what it's like to be in this harpist's world of rediscovering and pursuing a long, lost passion.

  • Get a rarely seen tour of the harp that is both educational and entertaining.

Who is This Good For? / Where is a Good Place to Have It?​

  • Church

  • School

  • Library

  • Retirement community

  • Social Club

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